Am I sabotaging my learning?

A few months back I started learning JavaScript. It was high on my list of “things to learn” to help achieve my goal of becoming a frontend developer. As you probably are aware, JavaScript is not easy to learn. It’s complicated and forces you to think in ways that your brain has never had before. […]

Changing the order of Flexbox items

A few months back, while I was learning all about flexbox, I came across the order property. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how cool this is and told myself if I ever start a blog, I need to talk about display:flexbox and the order property. So here we are! There are multiple […]

Hello world.

I know, lame title right? Yet, it seems appropriate. I’ve never been one to put myself “out there”. There’s definitely a comfort in keeping to myself. But here we are. I’ve started a blog. Why? Good question. Especially considering that I’m nowhere near what you would call a “writer”. I’ve never liked it. Writing papers […]