Finding My Path

Recently I had been working on learning JavaScript but was struggling to put everything together. Part of the problem is that I have very limited time for studying, what with working a full-time job and family life. I recognize the importance of JavaScript in today’s online world. I know that if I kept putting in […]

Networking??? But I’m an Introvert!!!

I have no problem admitting to anyone that I am introverted. World’s worst small talker? Me, for sure. Especially if we don’t know each other. I’ve always been really shy but I like to think it has improved with age, but still, it’s there. Those who know me, family and friends mostly, know that I […]

Following up on my pseudocode promise

Last week I wrote about trying to hold myself accountable when it comes to writing more blog posts. My previous post said I promised to write out some pseudocode for the Tip Calculator JavaScript project I was working on. To refresh, I took this project from (this course was made and offered by Twitter […]