Hello world.

I know, lame title right? Yet, it seems appropriate. I’ve never been one to put myself “out there”. There’s definitely a comfort in keeping to myself. But here we are. I’ve started a blog.

Why? Good question. Especially considering that I’m nowhere near what you would call a “writer”. I’ve never liked it. Writing papers was always my most hated part of school. Plus, grammar is not my forte. You know how hard it is for me to NOT start every sentence with “I”?!

Look at that. Already off subject (nice job “writer” πŸ™„).

Really the whole point of me starting this blog is so I can chronicle my attempt at a career change. My entire career up to this point has been spent working in the healthcare field as a radiologic technologist (over 13 years now). If you’re unfamiliar with what that is, essentially I take x-rays for a living. A majority of these 13 years was spent working in a busy hospital environment, where I eventually succumbed to the dreaded burnout. I knew I needed something new to motivate me. So I secured a promotion and moved to more of a clinic environment. Turns out that wasn’t the “fix” I needed. Clinics in general can be a much slower pace of work. While I enjoyed the less physical demands this placed on my body, my brain protested. To be honest, I got really bored. The motivation in my work was severely lacking (my work ethic and quality of work never wavered, just to be clear).

So I started reflecting more on what I truly wanted out of life. I have always had an affinity for technology and knew that was the route I should pursue. Long story short, I decided that I wanted to become a frontend developer. The thought of getting to build and create on the web was too enticing. The biggest factor was knowing that in order to be a developer, you have to commit to a lifetime of learning. What’s more motivating then that? So I researched how best to go about learning the skills (and HOLY CRAP the resources out there for learning are 😱!) . After sorting through some options I found www.Skillcrush.com. They have a free “coding camp” so you can get a feel for coding in general, as well as their teaching style. I was really drawn to the fun, sassy, and humorous environment. They also have an excellent student community on Slack (shoutout to my fellow Skillcrushers!!πŸ‘ŠπŸ»). I’ve also really taken a liking to Kevin Powell’s content as well as Frontendmentor.io (really great projects you can build for free).

Starting this blog is designed to help me chronicle my journey. It’ll be a place where I can reflect on how far I’ve come, where I’ve yet to go, and maybe it can help others going through the same along the way. Currently, there is no plan for when and what I post. It may be about cool tips and tricks I learn, random struggles and wins, or just whatever else comes to mind.


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